30 Day Paleo Reset

My journey and what I learnt

By Emma Judges

My Experience with the 30 Day Paleo Reset

I already eat a fairly healthy diet. However, at the same time, I also like to live life and indulge on occasion. Finding a balance between living a ‘healthy’ life and having an ‘enjoyable’ life is my goal. My ideal is always to increase energy, improve sleep, reduce pain and lower my risk of disease. And of course, if I’m completely transparent, the added bonus of potentially losing 3-4kg was pretty appealing too! Every year, I have a DEXA body scan. This is done in a professional setting, where essentially you are X-rayed (at very low levels), which generates results of Body Fat, Lean Muscle and Bone Density.

As I age, my goal is to maintain my lean muscle mass. Lean muscle is critical in metabolic health and vital as we age. So, for my last scan done in June 2021, the results reflected that since June 2020, I had lost 3kg of muscle and gained 3kg of pure fat. Great. Not exactly what I wanted to see, but it made me really evaluate my choices. Whilst the scales hadn’t changed, my body composition had. Adipose tissue (fat) is like an organ, influencing hormones and metabolic health. It can affect mood, digestion, sleep and energy. In addition, my visceral fat had more than doubled in 12 months. Whilst it was still low (41g up to 87g), relatively, this was not good news. Visceral fat is the fat around your organs, which is strongly correlated to chronic disease.

In addition to starting the reset, I also started reformer Pilates. After recovering from a back injury, I have found that flogging my body is not as fun as it used to be. I consistently wake up with a sore lower back and it is exhausting. I have accepted there has to be a better way for me.

The Paleo Reset is a way of eating for 30days. It’s fairly strict and you can’t cheat. However, there is NO calorie counting and NO portion control. The restriction is on the ‘what’ you can eat. For me, that seemed fairly straight forward. I just needed to know the ‘what’ and I was on my way!

I flippanlty decided one day to give it a go. I had been trying to lose 3-5kgs for a while and it just wasn’t working…or I should say, I wasn’t doing the right thing. I thought, enough is enough, let’s just try it. The worst that could happen would be that I would be back to where I already was!!

Here are my notes taken during my journey:

Day 1-4 – Not the strongest start I had hoped for. I’m going to call it a ‘soft’ start…haha! Cheated with 2 alcoholic drinks and 2 pieces of sourdough, but for all the rest of the ‘rules’, I was spot on.

Day 5 -11 :  So far so good. Funnily enough, after eating loads of starchy vegetables, I haven’t felt too hungry. I haven’t counted calories or portion controlled once…such a fun and liberating way to eat! However, I have noticed that my intestines are producing a lot of noise –  just rumbling gurgling noises. I’m glad I work from home! I suppose that is just the result of increased vegetable intake. No afternoon energy crashes have been felt – I haven’t reached for an afternoon coffee once. Sleep has been great and waking up with no cloudy heads on the weekend has been welcomed. Clarity in my mind is also improving.

Scales: 60kg – 1kg ‘lost’

Day 12-18: The Paleo Reset way of eating now feels normal. Sugar cravings have really diminished. My family had pizza for a birthday dinner and I really didn’t find it hard at all to refrain from eating it – which is not normal for me. I am usually impervious to the temptations of good quality pizza. However, at the same time, I went to the pizza dinner prepared, with an alternative dinner that I was looking forward to. So prior planning, along with the reduction in carb cravings worked really well. I caved at a function on Day 18. It was a previously planned truffle degustation dinner, with paired wines. However, I refrained from any pre or post dinner drinks, no bread or butter and never finished any of the paired wines. I knew this night was in the middle of my 30 day reset, so I haven’t beaten myself up about it. Ideally, you shouldn’t cheat at all, but I made this exception for myself. Woke up feeling good and not too affected by the evening. Interestingly though, I feel that because the past 18 days have been so clean, it helped me ‘weather the storm’ of the dinner. I have nothing to prove that with, just a theory of mine.

Day 19-25 – Still going strong and feeling good. I was tempted by a piece of my kid’s sourdough toast scraps one morning, but just having the mindful awareness around it, stopped me in my tracks.  People keep asking me what it’s like and I have to unfortunately (or fortunately) say I feel really great. I came into this as such a skeptic, thinking that my diet was pretty clean already. However, it’s made me realize that I was probably allowing myself a few too many treats. Someone even commented on how energetic I looked when they saw me. It has even inspired them to try the reset themselves. Geez…what was I like prior to that, is it that obvious? – haha!

**I noticed around day 22 I was a little more hungry than usual. I actually think I have slipped back to not eating enough vegetables, so I looked at increasing that. After increasing my vegetable intake, the hungry resided.

Day 26-32 Whilst the ’30 days’ is over, I’m going to continue for an extra week. I’m feeling really good and it’s been really easy to stick to the diet. I’ve had a few ‘bread’ cravings this week, but choosing to eat something else, rather than nothing has helped.

Day 32- 37 Due to the ‘soft’ start, I have continued for a few extra days. I have a weekend away planned and I know it will be difficult with shared food and the temptation of alcohol. I have brought things I can eat, but it isn’t always that easy when you are in a group situation.

So…this is the exciting part!!

DEXA SCAN – after the reset

Results are in. I redid the DEXA scan and the results are pretty compelling.

  • Weight: 60kg
  • Body Fat: Lost 1.5kg fat, down to 20.6% – 2% DECREASE
  • Lean Muscle Mass: Gained 1kg
  • Visceral Fat: 87g down to 34g

You can see that while the ‘scales’ didn’t move that much, my body changed it’s composition by more than 2.5kg in such a short time. The last statistic is the most impressive to me. I more than halved my visceral fat through healthy eating. This is the fat that causes so much havoc on our health. I feel great, I have more energy, no afternoon crashes, so I am going to continue

**2 month post finishing update. I have continued eating the same way for about 90% of the time. I do notice that if my energy is slipping, or I start having afternoon energy crashes, it’s time to reassess my food intake. Sometimes I am slipping a little bit too much. The best part for me is not calorie counting or portion controlling.

If you are interested in experimenting with the 30 day Paleo Reset and would like help on how to follow through, please feel free to make an obligation free call with me – CLICK HE