Are you looking to optimise your health and well-being? Improve your sleep? Increase energy? Boosting your nutrition and find a meal plan that works for you? Reduce your alcohol intake? Perhaps a bit of everything? Well, you have come to the right place.

One on one coaching is conducted via Zoom, allowing you to be comfortable wherever that may be. Sessions are 45min in duration. Each session is slightly different and they cover topics such as visioning, goal setting, accountability, motivation, discovering personal values and strengths, and boosting self esteem and worth through experimental learning.

YOU set the focus and I partner with you to make that a reality.


Visioning + Questionnaire/History (60min duration) – $130

Clients will complete a questionnaire prior to the initial visioning session. I will review the document before we meet, to review during our session. Visioning is a fun and powerful session, setting goals and finessing the finer details of your ‘ideal’ self.

One on One Sessions (30-45min) – $100

Clients choose their focus as I help guide them through their thinking, desires, opportunities and obstacles. The time difference in the session length is dependent on the client – some clients prefer a shorter time frame, others enjoy the pace of a longer session. The time is yours, so use it as you choose.

Regular coaching sessions are suggested to be spaced 2 weeks apart. Sometimes clients request weekly sessions when tackling a harder situation and then revert back to fortnightly. The choice is always yours.